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Team Link Fighters Score Big at Reality Fighting!

What a great weekend! This past weekend we had three Team Link competitors on the Reality Fighting card at Mohegan Sun.

In the MMA portion of the card, Team Link Featherweight Fighter Miguel Cuevas captured the Reality Fighting Featherweight Championship! Miguel is a perfect example of how a fighter should conduct themselves both in and out of the cage. Miguel works as hard as any one else and the results are showing. Great job Miguel!! We are proud of you!!!

On grappling portion of the card, we had young Team Link competitor Nick Enzor competing in a 5 minute submission-only match. After a hard fought and impressive 5 minutes, no one was submitted and the match a declared a draw. The second Team Link competitor of the night, Team Link Black Belt Eric Marandino competed in a 5 minutes Submission-Only match as well against a very solid opponent. After 5 minutes no one was submitted and the match was declared a draw.

Great job to the Team Link competitors!!

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