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Team Link Adult Belt Test Tonight


Tonight 6:30pm at Team Link Ludlow will be the belt test for the adults. The kids class runs until 6pm, so it is best to arrive a little past 6 (6:10ish) to avoid parking being chaotic. If you are there early please show consideration for all the kids and parents who are there. If parking is full after 6:20pm you can also park on the side street.

There are going to be lots of students in the gym tonight so it is best to leave your bag and belongings in your car and come already in your uniform to avoid a mess of bags and any wait times to get changed. Make sure to have your full Team Link uniform set of the jacket, rash guard, pants, and belt.

When you arrive make sure to fill out a promotion test form and hold onto it until we collect them. There will be a lot of people coming tonight so make sure you don't wait until the last minute to get ready.

Be prepared to stay a bit past our normal class end time of 8pm. There will be lots of students and we need to make sure we accurately grade each student.

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all tonight! Oss!

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