Gustavo Kuhn Win's at Premier Fighting and Remains Undefeated


Gustavo Kuhn went to battle with a pro 185 pound match against Stephen Stengel at Premier Fighting Championship in Agawam MA. Here is how it went down:

Stengel rushes in for a takedown and gets it. Kuhn gets up fast and they clinch. Stengel goes for a takedown but can't get it. He gets in 3 good knees to the body. Kuhn gets in an outside leg kick. Kuhn just misses with a high leg kick. Stengel gets the takedown but Kuhn bounces back up. Kuhn connects with some big knees to the head that drops Stengel. He moves into full mount and finishes him off with ground and pound.

Gustavo Kuhn defeats Stephen Stengel via ref stoppage to strikes at 3:56 seconds in Rd and remains undefeated at 7-0.

Team Link Win's NAGA Overall Team Championship for 18th Time


I just got an email from the boss with this great news. Team Link has done it again! We won NAGA’s OVERALL BEST TEAM adult gi, adult no gi, and kid's gi and no gi at this past weekend’s event in Hartford, CT. We scored a massive 6,500+ total points to take it all. Team Link has taken the Overall Best Team Championship at NAGA for the 18th time! We would not of been able to accomplish these types of feats without everyone of members. Thank you!

Gil Freitas Wins and Retains Welterweight Championship Belt at NEF XIII


Team Link fighter, Gil Freitas, went to battle against Ryan Sanders at NEF XIII at The Colisee in Lewistown Maine this past Saturday night on May 10, 2014. This was a rematch, the last time they met Gil won the welter weight title. Here is how it when down.

170 PRO *TITLE* Gil de Freitas (c) 15-5 (Link) vs Ryan Sanders 6-4 (Young's)

Ryan gets in a knee to the body. Ryan dives for a takedown and gets it briefly. Gil works his way back up. They break and Gil is bleeding from the eye a little bit. Ryan gets in another knee to the eye from the clinch. Ryan gets in a few more knees from the clinch. Gil is working a takedown but can't get it. Gil gets in a snapping kick to the body. Gil is looking for the takedown but can't get it. They break and Gil gets in another leg kick to the body. Gil gets in a right hand and drops Ryan. He is trying to finish with ground and pound but runs out of time. What a first round!!

Ryan 10-9

Rd 2: Gil gets in a jab. Gil gets the takedown and is in half guard. He gets in 5 punches to the body. He then gets in two elbows to the side. Ryan gets some space and they are back to their feet. Gil gets the takedown and is now in guard. He moves to half guard. Not much action until Ryan stands up and then Gil takes him down again as the round ends.

Gil 10-9

Rd 3: Gil misses with a right. Each fighter gets in a leg kick. Gil gets in a right hand that connects. Gil gets the sweeping takedown and is now in half guard. Gil gets in a few elbows and Ryan works his way back to his feet. Ryan gets in a combo. Gil gets in a combo of his own. Gil defends a takedown and is warned for grabbing on the cage. Gil gets a takedown and is in half guard. Ryan uses the cage and gets back to his feet. Gil is clinching Ryan up against the cage as the round ends.

Gil 10-9

Rd 4: Gil gets the takedown and is now in the guard. Ryan is getting in a few elbows from the bottom. Both fighters are tied up for a while. Gil gets in shots to the body. Eventually they get back to their feet and go at it! The crowd roars. Gil gets another takedown as the round ends.

Gil 10-9

Rd 5: Both fighters hug in the cage, literally. Then they start swinging. Gil gets the takedown and is now on the side. Gil moves to full mount and gets in an elbow. Ryan spins and tries to get up but Gil is right back in the guard. Ryan tries to grab a heel but Gil slips out and dives back in the guard. Ryan bucks him off and goes for a guillotine but can't get it. Gil takes him down and is on the side as the round ends.

Gil 10-9

Gil de Freitas defeats Ryan Sanders via unanimous decision. 49-46 unanimous and was also declared fight of the night!

How to learn BJJ White Belt 3 Month Course in Western Mass at Team Link BJJ with Coach Marco Alvan


If you are in the Springfield area and want to learn BJJ make sure to clear your schedule so you can attend every class in this 3 month BJJ course. We will train every Monday and Wednesday night starting at 6pm. I give you my word that after this 3 month BJJ course you will have a new view of BJJ, you will have learned some of the basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals and will be able to enjoy it more!

3 months guys!!!! Monday and Wednesday at 6pm!!!! I personally will run these classes and will be teaching this full 3 month course.

I will be sending out messages to the group, every week, with some tips in order to educate you more about our sport (BJJ).

If you are new to this and/or have some friends that could take advantage this program to start BJJ, this is the class! Just click on the picture or in the link below or call James and schedule to participate in the class 413 589-0080, See you next Monday on the mat!!!

Coach Marco

For more information log onto

Team Link Fighter Brent Kinberger Wins Main Event at Combat Zone 48


Team Link Hooksetts BJJ black belt and MMA fighter, Brent Kinberger made a triumphant comeback from an almost four-year layoff Friday night. He put on a great performance and won the main event of Combat Zone MMA's "All or Nothing" card by unanimous decision over Mervin Rodriguez at a packed Sports Club at Rockingham Park this past weekend on April 5th 2014.

The 41-year-old Kinberger, formerly the Northeast's top-ranked fighter in his weight class, also had to overcome an 11-year age disadvantage to his opponent in addition to shaking off some ring rust. Yet the electrical engineer won every round on the judges' scorecard, using superior take-downs and stellar mat work in the lightweight battle to prevail 30-27.

"I got that ring rust off real quick," Kinberger said. "(Rodriguez) had a weird strategy. He was trying to stay away from me, but in all of his other fights he had come forward blasting, so I was ready for that. I waited, and when he came at me, I got the take-downs I wanted and pretty much dominated the fight on the ground. I don't feel like I made any mistakes. He's a really tough guy, but I came out unscathed, and I feel great."

Kinberger, who had Bellator fighter Perry Filkins working his corner as part of the Team Link crew, upped his record to 6-3. Rodriguez, who hails from Newark N.J., dropped to 5-8.

Springfield MA Fighter Jeff Bok Remains Undefeated in Four Bouts


Light Heavy Weight Western Mass Team Link fighter Jeff Bok wins his fight on April 5th for Premier FC and keeps his undefeated record of 4-0

Here is the review of the fight: Jeff gets in a combo then they clinch. He gets the take down and is laying down some brutal hammer fists. Joe is getting in some up kicks that connect to the face in an amateur fight. Jeff passes to full mount and finishes Joe off by raining down a slew of hammer fists that Joe has no answer for.

Jeff Bok defeats Joe Lexus via TKO stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 2:34 in Rd 1.

Western Mass BJJ Black Belt Ricardo Funch to Fight at CES MMA


Springfield MMA fighter Ricardo Funch makes his CES MMA debut on June at Twin River Casino vs. Brett Oteri. Funch, 4x UFC veteran, will do battle in New England's top welterweight division. It is going to be night to remember. Tickets will be available here at Link BJJ Springfield MA and will be available soon at all Team Link locations.

IBJJF Boston Open 2014 on April 5th


The IBJJF Boston Open is being held on April 5th 2014. That is this Saturday coming up. We would like to say good luck to all Team Link members that will be competing.

Coach Marco

Thiago “minu” Meller Signs with Bellator and Plans To Make A Big Impact In the Lightweight Division


Thiago “minu” Meller (19-5) fresh off his first round TKO victory over Clay French (19-7) in the main event at XFC International has signed a multi-fight contract with Bellator. The Boxer MMA product is currently on a five fight winning streak and looking to make a big impact on Bellator’s lightweight division. Thiago, who is managed by the team of Marco Alvan & Dan Hagan, is making his first appearance in a major MMA promotion. “He has fought some of the best in the world and has the experience and skills to be a serious contender in Bellator”, says Alvan. For Thiago, being in Bellator means being a step closer toward his goal of winning a world title. “To be a part of Bellator is a dream come true for me as a fighter, I’m going to make the most out of this opportunity. My goal has always been to win a world title, and that’s what I’m here to do!” Thiago is an exciting fighter and finisher whose 18 out of 19 wins have come by way of stoppage. “I come to finish my fights and make it exciting for the fans; they are my number one priority!” Bellator’s deal with Fox Sports Latin America will make it possible for Thiago to continue to fight in front of fans in his home country of Brazil, where he’s an active fourteen year member of the Brazilian army. “I am proud to be able to keep a connection with my fans in Brazil through the Bellator TV deal. I also hope to make new fans in America and throughout the world.” Thiago’s first fight in Bellator has not yet been scheduled but he is anxious to get started. “I’m ready! I want to fight as soon as possible. The opponent doesn’t matter; I just want to start my climb to the top!”

Team Link Fighter Taylor Trahan Wins Via Submission at Warrior Nation on 2/21/14


MMA fighting in Western Mass is always exciting. Team Link fighter Taylor Trahan (3-1), who fights from Team Link New Hamphire went to battle in the 145 pound division vs. Joe Pingitore (4-0-1) from NE Combat. Here is the play by play of how it went down.

Round 1: Taylor gets the takedown. Joe gets the rolls is now in guard. Joe postures up and gets in an body shot. Taylor works his way up and Joe gets in a combo. Taylor rushes in with a wide right. Taylor is fighting for a takedown but Joe is defending it. Taylor gets it and Joe gets right up. Taylor is fighting for another takedown. Taylor gets it and is now trying to take the back. Joe is fighting it still as the round ends.
Taylor wins that round 10-9

Round 2: Joe gets in the right hand and drops Taylor. Joe gets in a few strikes then backs off. Taylor goes for the takedown and takes the back of Joe but Joe slips out. Taylor is fighting for another takedown and they fall to the ground. Joe takes the side and is getting in some elbows. Taylor bucks him off and Joe backs off. Very smart fighting from Joe. Taylor slips and tries to bate Joe down. He takes the guard and is working some ground and pound. He gets in a few short elbows. He gets some space and gets in a big elbow. Joe backs off and lets him up. Taylor gets the takedown as the round ends.
Joe 10-9

Rd 3: Taylor gets a jab. He rushes in and gets the takedown. Taylor gets in a little ground and pound and Joe threatens with a heel hook and they are back to their feet. Taylor gets the takedown and now has the back of Joe. He has a body lock and is trying to finish with the rear naked choke. Taylor tries to soften him up with strikes. Taylor sinks it in and gets the tap. That was it, Taylor Trahan defeats Joe Pingitore via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:38 minute mard in Round 3.
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